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Protect yourself from gum disease and excessive plaque buildup by visiting Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS. Having proudly served Kaneohe, HI, and the entire island of Oahu for over 20 years, he’s the safe choice for dental care in Honolulu County.

While most people know that visiting the dentist regularly is important for their health, some put off these visits out of fear and anxiety. Whether it’s the sound of power drills or prior traumatic experiences, you don’t have to worry when you visit us; the entire staff at our dental center is here to make you as comfortable as possible. Share the roots of your dental anxiety, and we’ll create a customized plan to satisfy your oral health requirements. Whether it’s scheduling a low-stress appointment time or allowing you to listen to music, we’ll go above and beyond to make clients comfortable.

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By having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, you’re better equipped to prevent tooth decay and cavities, and that’s not even mentioning the obvious benefits of removing stains and providing fresher breath. Every six months, schedule a routine tooth cleaning and exam at our dental center. This allows the dentist to check for changes in your teeth positioning and for signs of decay. While teeth cleaning and whitening might be the most popular dental services we offer, those are far from the only dental care we provide. Whether you need bridges, implants, veneers, or fillings, we have you covered, even on short notice.

For the best dental care on the island, be sure to call Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS. At our dental center, we charge affordable prices, treat patients with kindness, and stick to a strict schedule, getting clients in and out in a timely manner.