Putting a Smile on Your Face

Our cosmetic dental Services will help you achieve your dream smile

Improve your overall appearance with cosmetic dentistry

Beautify your smile by visiting the dental office of Steven A. Kumasaka, DDS in Kaneohe, HI. Open to both children and adults, we’re the area’s go-to dental center for teeth whitening and cleaning services

Once every six months, visit our dental office for teeth whitening treatments. In addition to removing stains and improving your overall appearance, getting your teeth whitened twice a year will make your teeth stronger and last longer, thus improving your oral health and overall well-being. In addition, having your teeth cleaned and whitened consistently at an early age will save you money on restorative dentistry in the future. 

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Teeth Whitening

If you suffered from gum disease, another illness, or been affected by tooth loss, turn to Dr. Kumasaka for top-of-the-line veneers, dental bridges, or dentures. Using the best materials and most trusted techniques, we’ll construct durable and attractive dentures that will last. We recognize times can be tough, so we strive to make our cosmetic dentistry services affordable so more people in Honolulu County can benefit from our tooth whitening and general dentistry services.

Spend less on teeth whitening services by visiting our dental office. We’re currently accepting new patients, so schedule your appointment now. 

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